Independent Living

What happens in Independent Living?

A lot of the residents in our Independent Living, are leaving a family home of 40/50/60 years, and are really not sure what to expect next.  This is a big move and we respect all of the work that goes into that. Most often it is a lot of emotional work, and a lot of physical work.  Some people just say – I’m coming, I’m ready, but that is not necessarily the norm.

In our Independent Living, we have one and 2 bedroom apartments, they have balconies and sunrooms, washer and dryer in each apartment, and full kitchens.  

There are emergency pull cords in the bedroom and the bathroom.  We also offer an emergency pendant system to our Independent Living residents.  Our Concierge team is onsite at the front desk 24/7, and will respond to those emergency systems.  

We provide a wide offering of daily activities, fitness opportunities, outings to restaurants, museums, events, etc.  

All of the utilities are included, (including internet and cable).  The only utility Residents pay for is their phone.

The meal plan in our Independent Living includes a complimentary Continental Breakfast, Monday through Saturday, and then one other meal a day.  Residents can go to lunch, or dinner, or both one day, and none the next. The only meal we serve on Sunday’s is a large brunch, with breakfast type foods and dinner type foods.  The meals are accounted for on a punch card, and Residents can use those however they want.

It is a VERY carefree, INDEPENDENT lifestyle.  No more stress about the furnace, the toilet being plugged, a burnt out light bulb, those are all handled by our Maintenance team!

Our Transportation is very user friendly.  Three days a week, we can take you anywhere within a 5 mile radius at no charge.  Additional transportation is available for an additional fee.

Housekeeping is provided every other week!

Trash removal is so simple – Residents place their trash outside their apartment door after 8pm, and we pick it up in the middle of the night.  Same thing for Recycling – 3 nights a week.


  • Library
  • Pub
  • Pool (Aquacise 3 times a week)
  • Activity Room
  • Theater
  • Fitness Room



The ability to:

  • Manage own medication
  • Remember and self-direct to dining room
  • Manage safety awareness in the apartment:  Kitchen appliances, etc.
  • Remain safe within the apartment building – no wandering or disturbing other residents in their apartment
  • Locate own apartment, dining room, lobby etc.
  • Maintain personal hygiene – showering, clean clothes, etc.
  • Manage own continence
  • Operate with little to no falls
  • Ask for help:  pull cord, telephone, front desk
  • Follow Emergency evacuation orders
  • Adhere to social norms (language, volume of speech, appropriate clothing)
  • Manage the elevators
  • Manage your own calendar (our events, and activities and classes, as well as your appointments, etc.)


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